I wanted to have a place to share my enthusiasm, opinions, reactions, and/or reviews about the media I consume on a regular basis, and welcome a discussion with others about them.

I tend to watch a [possibly] abnormal amount of Television and Movies, and like anyone, I have my own thoughts or feelings about the things that I watch. I tended to keep most of it to myself, sometimes literally talking to myself about it, because I do not want to bore everyone with my long-winded thoughts.

I also like to relay news about shows that I watch.

I have been told on a few occasions that I should start a blog for a place to put these things…so finally I have decided to give it a shot.

This way, I can write my thoughts about everything I have thoughts about and people can read them, or not.

There are a lot of TV shows out there, and I can’t possibly watch them all myself, and some I am just not interested in watching.

However, I am also open to suggestions about things that anyone thinks I should watch.

I am very open-minded about TV and Movies. I will watch [almost] anything at least once, so I can make my own judgements – regardless of other reviews, because everyone views things differently.

I would encourage everyone to gather his or her own opinions about things. Just because one person views things and loves them, does not mean you will love it too – you might think it’s awful, and that is ok!

I just love to watch TV and Movies. I am appreciative of them, and I love to have real conversations with others that share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions as well as those who do not [differing thoughts, feelings, and opinions are also welcome].


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