On Netflix: Available the Fourth [final] Week of November (2015)

This is what’s new on Netflix Streaming starting today [Nov 23] through November 29th.

I will update weekly, so you aren’t overloaded with titles.

November 23

The Red Road: Season 2

Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 3

November 24

Liv and Maddie: Season 2

November 25

Gringolandia: Season 3

Home (2014)
– On the run from cosmic enemies, a band of aliens arrives on Earth looking for a safe haven, but one of them inadvertently gives away his location. As the extraterrestrial refugee desperately tries to avoid capture, he begins learning about humans.

Switched at Birth: Season 4

November 26

Zipper (2015)
– Putting his promising political career at risk, married federal prosecutor Sam Ellis indulges his fetish for high-end hookers. But as the political stakes rise, Sam’s appetite for risky encounters only continues to grow.

November 28

A Perfect Man (2013)
– Nina thinks her husband, James, is cheating on her, and she sets out to prove it by calling him and pretending to be another woman. 

Best of Enemies (2015)
– In 1968, two patrician intellectuals with opposite political views — William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal — participated in a series of televised debates that shocked America with their level of vitriol, as recounted in this riveting documentary.

The Best Offer (2013)
– An auction house owner who lives in seclusion amid a collection of female portraiture is drawn to an enigmatic client who refuses to meet in person.

Available November 29

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)
– This affectionate tribute to movie producers Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan recounts their purchase of Cannon Films and the studio’s rebirth as the 1980s’ top provider of bad B-movies, all churned out on shoestring budgets.

Source: Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Coming in November 2015


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