Castle: Last Night’s Cool Boys Was Full of “Cool Boys”


Adam Baldwin on Castle again! That was a pleasant surprise! I love it when there is a mini Firefly reunion – anywhere.

We were lacking females [Kate] in this episode, but I didn’t really notice the loss due to my excitement for Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion together… this “boy” powered episode still included the lovely women of Rick’s life, mother Martha and daughter Alexis, which was enough for me.

I had not seen any promo’s for the new episode during its mini break, so I was excited to see him [Adam] show up on my screen. When they had him on the show before, I was honestly a little disappointed in the character they chose for him, because it did not feel like the type of character that would ever make a return appearance – looks like I was mistaken. I am happy that I was wrong because that was a fun episode and I am down for those two to have another misadventure together.

The whole time I was thinking my own cheesy pun “did Slaughter, slaughter?” because I have such a wonderful sense of humor… I never really thought he did, and thankfully, he didn’t, but I just could not let the pun I thought was so funny go…yeah, I’m cool.

My top favorite moment from last night’s episode was at the end when they started singing…and “Fight scene!” then began to kick some ass.

I am so happy I found it on YouTube so I could enjoy it again!

Castle 8×06 Castle and Slaughter Singing “Cool Boys ” Season 8 Episode 6

I am a little worried about the divorce comment in the preview for next week :/


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