Agents of SHIELD’s Surprising Twist Had My Jaw on the Floor

[SPOILERS] If you are not caught up with this season [season 3] do not read this, unless you like spoiling shows for yourself…

I was completely behind on ABC’s Marvels Agents of SHIELD, having only watched the premiere until this Monday. It would seem I decided to be caught up on the show just in time for the mind-blowing reveal of this season’s big bad enemy.

Our first ook at Lash in Agents of Shield
Our first look at Lash in Agents of Shield

This season it was revealed that we have another spiny looking monster in our midst [Lash], looking a little similar to what Raina turned into, but much [much] bigger and less prickly. Another twist that made this person different was that they could switch back and forth between the giant murderous monster and a human form, which Sky, I mean *Daisy, found out when it decided not to kill her and she saw the monster turn into a human form – but only in a shadow, still concealing his identity.

*so yeah, looks like we are officially calling Sky, Daisy. To me, like Coulson, I will probably think of her as Sky forever. I mean come on, we knew her as Sky for 2 seasons…

At first, I was thinking maybe Raina is back and evolved even farther… but no, I’m sure it would still have female properties – this one looks all beasty and male. Then I was thinking, OK maybe it’s that guy [Banks] that works with that shady lady [Rosalind Price], but they then directed you to think that before we found out who it really was. I should have known it was a misdirect, but I fell for it!

I am usually great and figuring things out, and very few times has a show succeeded in genuinely surprising me with a reveal. I was in shock and surprise; I literally yelled “WHAT! NO WAY, WHAT!? THAT JUST BLEW MY MIND! MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN!” My poor boyfriend next to me had to cover his ears in confusion, he was oblivious to what had just occurred on the television (he was not watching it, just in the same room).

Dr. Andrew Garner! Seriously, did anyone see that coming? I instantly began to feel terrible for Melinda May. How did this happen, and why is he killing all the inhumans [except Sky – crap, I mean Daisy]. If it really were a predatory instinct, wouldn’t he not be in control of who he was killing, and as a result killed Daisy out of impulse? I would think so, which leads me to believe he is in complete control. However, it is also possible he had to fight with himself in order to not kill her – or he just finds her ”useful” like he did that other guy, so he can’t kill her just yet.

Matthew Willig as Lash on ABC's Agents of SHIELD
Matthew Willig as Lash on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD

Matthew Willig plays Dr. Andrew Garner’s alter ego, Lash. I have to say that was a great casting choice, he pulls off that monster in a menacing fashion – where it doesn’t look cheesy, but easily could.

Either way, I applaud the show for truly surprising me with this fantastic twist of events! I think my boyfriend had to help pick my jaw off the floor.

The preview for next week has me completely excited and afraid of what will happen next!

On a different storyline: I hope that Fitz and Simmons find a way to bring Will Daniels back to earth – I mean no one deserves to be stuck in that place.

And can I just say, I still love Grant Ward and hope he never dies…

Season Three Banner
Season Three Banner

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