The Walking Dead Took Three Episodes to Heat Up


If you are reading this be prepared for my honest opinion about The Walking Dead, it might make you angry, but who knows you might agree with me or have some similar feelings.

I was genuinely bored watching the first three episodes of The Walking Dead this season [season 6]. I will not apologize for my boredom and sometimes confusion when it comes to the beginning of season 6. I actually started to pay attention at the end of episode 3, because it finally caught my attention – I was sitting and watching all three of these episodes, but I was ready to take a nap.

We could have easily condensed all the events from the first three episodes into one episode and made it more watchable. I think we all knew that everyone that we didn’t recognize would probably be dead at some point during this journey. I only partially understand what this journey is actually about (if someone can explain it to me, please do). I get they are diverting, but what prompted this?

We all know that Rick will be fine, because how could he not, and we are still stuck in the mystery of Glenn’s fate. However, when it comes to Glenn, they did remove Steven Yeun from the opening credits in episode 4 – if that points to anything, but it could just be because no one was in this episode. I am one of those people that is hoping they explain his miraculous survival from the situation we witness at the end of episode 3… there’s no harm in hoping.

Side note: when did zombies gain super human hearing? In episode three, it was blatantly obvious that the zombies could hear everything, and from extreme distances… I mean, seriously!?

In addition, the helplessness of the town they are in is increasingly annoying. I get they are in denial or something, but how has this situation not penetrated their minds. We get to hear more about it in episode 5 [yaay].

Episode 4 “Here’s not here” was the best episode of season 6 thus far and I really hope this is setting the precedence for the rest of the season. Learning more about Morgan, and what had happened to him, was an episode I was expecting, and I really enjoyed the entire episode.

I really do like this show, if anything for the artistry of it, but viewer pleasure wise there are always a couple episodes a season that I could pay attention to about 10 minutes of the episode [usually the beginning and end] and have missed nothing.

Always beautiful work in the special effects department – never disappoints.

I have to say that I am very excited about the new shows coming to AMC!

If you missed the trailers for them, here they are for your pleasure:

Into the Badlands, Premiering November 15th
Preacher, Premiering Mid-2016

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