The Librarians Season Two Premiere Was Full Of Literary Villainy


We began the season with everyone coming back together after separating a short while after we ended season one for a eerie, no doubt, supernatural storm brewing in New York City, but the clipping book sent all of them for something different; the other three looking for a weather sonar device, chess set, and old Italian earrings.

Everyone seems to be their usual selves, if not more confident in their abilities as Librarians. I love it when they are all working together, and I really want Flynn Carsen to be more present this season then he was in the first season. Albeit he does not need to be in the show all the time, but I love his character and the relationship he has with Eve.

When I hear the sad cries that Cassandra picks out from the storm they are dealing with I instantly think of Sirens. However, in true myth form Sirens are not singing songs of sorrow, but I have seen them depicted that way. It turned out to be something Flynn called a wind spirit. This paired with the other magical pieces they were trying to track down all came together they turned into a powerful talisman for a Shakespearian villain – Prospero.

Book characters coming to life from the pages!

Boom! One devious man put a bunch of clues into place for the precise intention to bring all the librarians into one place. What!? No, wait, two devious novel characters just needed those magical pieces to bring one of them into real power! Oh No!

The two villains escape through a portal, and the deadly storm rages on, but fear not! The Librarians are going to save the day with the Sun Room. The Sun Room? Yes, and room with a sun in it to burn off the storm. As expected, the plan succeeds!

In the second hour we focus on the hunt for our literary villains as a team, except Flynn decides there is a mission he and Eve need to go on alone. Soon after Flynn and Eve are gone to England, Prospero and his partner show up in the library. Soon we find out that the staff they are looking for is actually in the library put there from a former librarian from 400 years prior.

In Prospero’s hunt for the tree of knowledge to make himself a new staff in the library he releases some additional minions from teen fiction novels in the library. Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein. Flynn attempting to hug it out with Frankenstein’s monster was probably my favorite part of the episode.

Both Flynn and Eve make it to the “heart” of the library so they can cut off Prospero’s attempt to make a new staff. After successfully tricking Prospero, we now need to worry when he will be back and what he will attempt to use as a new power staff…

During this episode we find out there has been malfunctions with the library…and 16 missing artifacts!

What is going on with the library now!? Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy the drama of it all…

Bringing characters out of novels was amazing! I welcome this aspect all the time – in any show really.

Question: Cassandra is into women, am I right? I remember the episode that included the classic fairytales and she became prince charming getting attention from all the ladies in the town, and now with the premiere episode and her interaction with the Italian beauty. In the beginning of the series I thought that Cassandra and Stone might have had a thing later on, but now I am leaning toward her being into women – but who knows she could swing both ways 😛 not that it matters…

I’m sure like them, we all agree they are more fun/productive working as a group.

I can’t wait for the coming weeks adventures!


2 thoughts on “The Librarians Season Two Premiere Was Full Of Literary Villainy

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