This Week We Watched The ‘Final’ Installment of Paranormal Activity – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

First of all, it sucks that they released this movie to only certain theaters, but luckily we live in a location that is surrounded by three different AMC theaters – so we had no issue seeing it.

I think it would be safe to say that if you have enjoyed the other four Paranormal Activities in this story [excluding The Marked Ones] you should also enjoy this installment; which is the final installment. Making this an excellent choice for a theater Halloween movie this year, if you haven’t gone to see it already.

If you need something kid friendly, I still suggest Goosebumps.

My boyfriend and I both enjoyed all of the installments of this story, but had differing views about how this fifth installment would be. I was excited about having the ability to visually see the demon entity, and thought it would add a little something that the other movies did not. The boyfriend on the other hand was not thrilled about having this ability to see the entity, and thought it would lessen the experience. Well, I hate to say it, but I was right. We were both satisfied with this installment, especially with the ability to see the demon in its evil entity form.

This installment did not have as much ‘action’ as the others, but it was still satisfying. There were some pretty good ‘jump’ scare parts that even had the boyfriend leaping out of his seat (more than I did), which made me laugh because he was the skeptic. The “ghost dimension” portion becomes apparent when this happens:


I’m not going to spoil the fun twists and turns for those who have yet to see this installment, but I would like to suggest that you do go for the 3D showing. I even lifted up my glasses to really get the gist of the difference between viewing it in standard and 3D, and I was instantly happy I opted to go for the 3D. The filmmakers designated the 3D portions of the film for the parts that are using the “ghost camera” and I fully support that choice.

If you have never watched the Paranormal Activity franchise or didn’t like the other movies, don’t waste your time. All of the movies are a part of the same story so this is [supposed to be] the conclusion to those other stories.

I would like to express that I didn’t like the ending to this movie, but purely for the fact that it felt more like a new beginning then an ending.

I enjoyed The Ghost Dimension, but if you ask me the first movie Paranormal Activity is still the best one. Probably because it was the first I had seen of its kind, unexpected and thrilling, I still remember it literally haunting me for the rest of the weekend. We both had the need to watch something lighthearted and funny before we could go to sleep that night; that hasn’t happened with any of the other movies so the first one clearly takes the gold.


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