Wicked City Was Killer!

The Wicked City pilot was enthralling. I loved the way the pilot didn’t do what pilots commonly do – shove a load of information down your throat. Pilots too often attempt to give you a butt load of information about what’s going on, why it’s happening, and when that it is sometimes off-putting and annoying – thankfully this pilot didn’t do that. You got the gist of who was who, and what was what, just by the story playing out, and the great actors relaying it on screen.

The way the pilot played out was wonderful and satisfying, making you crave more.

It is helpful if you have any knowledge of serial killers or are at least fans of the numerous serial killer movies that have gifted our psyche with disturbing antics over the years. They gave us playful nods at past fictional and real serial killers, and I will expect more as the episodes continue.

Am I a freak because I enjoy serial killer plotlines? Naw, but maybe, but then so are numerous other people in the world. It’s a disturbing thrill ride, and you know it. For anyone complaining about the “violence” in this show already, I ask, what were you possibly expecting from a show about a serial killer – turned serial-killing duo?? Seriously.

Ed Westwick [Kent Grainger] and Erika Christensen [Betty Beaumontaine] did a great job, and I knew they both had it in them. I mean in Gossip Girl Westwick was always devilish, and Erika Christensen – does anyone remember Swimfan (2002)?

Ed Westwick & Erika Christensen in Wicked City. Courtesy of IMDd photo gallery
Ed Westwick & Erika Christensen in Wicked City. Courtesy of IMDd photo gallery

I would also like to acknowledge Jeremy Sisto as the lead Detective Jack Roth, and Taissa Farmiga as the plucky junior reporter Karen McClaren – all great casting is you ask me.

I am sad it didn’t get more viewers last night. As TVLine has reported, Wicked City premiered to just 3.3 million total viewers and a 0.9 rating, making this a smaller audience than the previous time slot holder Forever. However, Wicked City did premiere against the World Series [which drew large number this year], so I think there is a fair chance that we could see an increase in the numbers – giving Wicked City a fighting chance at survival.

I loved it! I can’t wait for more!


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