[Tonight’s] Episode of Supernatural Emphasizes the Third Star of the Show


This Wednesday’s episode of Supernatural emphasizes the third star of the show, Baby, Dean’s beloved ’67 Chevrolet Impala.

The episode has been appropriately titled “Baby”, and it brings us into an episode that will be completely about the Winchester brothers traveling/working a case out of Baby – giving us the story of their typical day through the point of view of their Impala.

This will mark a completely unique episode out of the series when it comes to story and shooting style.

It sounds like we will get a taste of the old school ways of Winchesters hunting, from season one or two, and I think we all need that from them right now. Things are so completely out of control in the world right now, that I think we, as the audience, need a little breather. I love it when the show is so serious, but I love it more when we get an episode that is a little lighter and different. I have full confidence in their abilities, and I am very excited to watch this episode tomorrow night!

Here is a full article about the episode: Supernatural Stars on Impala-Run Hour: ‘We Never See the Boys Do This Stuff’


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