Now On Netflix: The Final Week of October

This is what’s new on Netflix starting today [Oct 26th] through October 31st.

I will update weekly, so you aren’t overloaded with titles.

October 27

August: Osage County (2013)

When their father disappears, three strong-willed women return to their childhood home and to their equally strong-willed mother.

Manson Family Vacation (2015) – NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE

The pleasant family life of an L.A. attorney is disrupted by the sudden arrival of his brother, who is obsessed with the Charles Manson murders.

October 28

Chasing Life: Season 2

The Gunman (2015)

Planning to retire from the contract killer business and live quietly, a veteran assassin discovers that his employers aren’t going to make it easy. Suddenly in the crosshairs, he’s propelled into a bloody Continental chase to save himself.

October 29

Return to Sender (2015)

Taking a chance on romance, an attractive nurse agrees to go on a blind date with a mysterious man. After he brutally rapes her, she begins visiting her attacker in prison and befriends him — but all is not what it seems.

October 30

Popples: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

The adorable Best Popple Pals love helping their friends and neighbors, but every time they do it seems to backfire in hilarious ways.

Source: A list of new movies and TV coming to Netflix in October 2015

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