Pretty Little Liars: A New Trailer for Season 6B Has Been Released

I am very excited for their adulting! Pretty Little Liars returns Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. on Freeform/ABC Family.

The immediate takeaway: Hanna and Caleb are not even together!!! I mean what the hell!? She looks to be engaged to someone else. I don’t care who the guy is, I already hate him. I stick to this: Haleb forever!

Some of the other revelations that we can take from this video as stated from Hollywood Life are as follows, in case you missed any of them yourself.

  1. Alison seems to have forgiven Charlotte for everything she’s done. However, Charlotte still has some hope that the girls will also forgive her. “Do you think they’re still upset with me?” Charlotte asks Alison in the trailer. Come on, Charlotte.

  2. The girls find themselves back in Rosewood in what seems to be a hearing on Charlotte’s behalf. Alison’s asking them to lie, and they’re not excited about it. “I thought we could just lie for Ali one more time and it wouldn’t matter. But it did,” Spencer says.

  3. Spencer was given an “impossible choice.” This sounds like an ingredient for some major drama ahead. Also, Caleb and Spencer are BFFs.

  4. The girls have obviously gotten themselves into some trouble. A blocked number texts Aria: “You know what you did and I’m going to make you talk.” Is this the new big bad that Marlene King told is more “lethal” than “A” ever was?!

  5. Aria’s definitely done something bad. Hanna, Spencer and Emily confront her about what happened on some night. Aria says no one can see security footage from that night. What did she do?!

  6. Melissa’s back and dishing out some cold-hearted truth. “We all have a past, Hanna,” Melissa tells the blonde. “Aren’t you curious what she’s going to use against you?” Oh boy. More drama.

  7. It looks like Aria and Ezra aren’t lovey dovey in season 6B, but they’re in cahoots of some sort. “I know why you did what you did. Now I will do whatever it takes to help you,” Aria tells Ezra. Ezra’s looking hotter than ever with a beard.

  8. The calm, cool and collected Ezra we know and love may have been left behind in season 6A. He SCREAMS at the girls to get out of his apartment in the trailer. (It’s kind of hot.)

  9. There’s a brief moment of Emily in the hospital being held down. Poor Emily.

  10. Caleb is still our knight in shining armor. “I don’t know who you are, what kind of game you think you’re playing. If you can change the rules, so can we,” he says to the new big bad. Go, Caleb, go!

Source: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Trailer: Hanna’s Not Engaged To Caleb & 10 More Spoilers – Watch

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