Recommendation: If You Liked Crimson Peak, Check out These Films, Books, Games, And TV Shows

Crimson-Peak-Trailer8-051215-970x545If you liked Crimson Peak, check out these films, books, games, and TV Shows that have been listed on Nerdist [check out post here] By Jessica Maria Macfarlane.

I have yet to see this movie so I have no opinion about the movie itself; however, when I read this list I found it inspiring. A few of the things on this list I have read or seen myself already, and enjoyed them. I wanted to share this thoughtful list just as a general reference to items of the genres, whether you have seen Crimson Peak or not.

If you are curious about the movie, I have read this review about it on Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys). There review suggests that they didn’t enjoy it too much, but it did highlight the movie, and if anything I am even more intrigued because of it. I look forward to renting it.


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