What’s On Tonight: Friday, Oct 16th 

We have a few premieres this Friday evening, and the previously established shows fill in the night.

If I have left any shows out of the lineup I apologize.

(Premiering shows are bolded)

At 8 O’clock tonight

Last Man Standing – ABC

Undateable – NBC

The Amazing Race 27 – CBS 

Reign – The CW

(8:30) Dr. Ken – ABC

(8:30) Truth Be Told – NBC

Jessie [series finale] – Disney

(8:30) Girl Meets World – Disney

At 9 O’clock

Shark Tank – ABC

Dateline NBC

  • The Confession: A teen confesses to a double murder in El Paso and is sentenced to life, yet a local businessman suspects the boy was wrongfully convicted and sets out to free him. Keith Morrison reports.

Hawaii Five-0 – CBS

My Haunted House – A&E

  • Sympathy & The Engagement: A couple is poisoned on the first night in their new home and a woman thinks an antique is haunting her and her fiancé.

I Didn’t DO It – Disney

At 10 O’clock

20/20 – ABC

Blue Bloods – CBS

The Enfield Haunting – A&E

  • The Quickening: The investigation continues as Guy gets help from a medium, much to Maurice’s annoyance.

True Monsters – History

  • Cannibals and Killers: A look at an 18th-century banshee that haunts the North Carolina woods, a 16th-century clan of Scottish cannibals, a notorious serial killer who terrorized the Chicago World’s Fair and zombies created by a potion from puffer fish.

Satisfaction – USA

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – Food

Side note: No, I do not watch all of these shows myself. 
I post them to inform, not announce that I am watching them.

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