I Went To See The Martian (2015) With My Mom, And It Was Incredible!

My mom and I went and saw The Martian last Saturday [10th]; I haven’t had time to post about it – till now.

This movie was incredibly memorable, it didn’t seem like it would be because, well, it’s just a guy trying to survive on a seemingly uninhabitable planet, but let me tell you, thanks to Matt Damon it was incredible.

I loved Matt Damon before this, but after this, I have a newfound respect for his abilities as an actor. If he doesn’t win awards for this performance, I will be very disappointed. He drew me in, and made me feel everything that he was feeling, and understand everything he was thinking – sometimes without any dialogue at all.

There is still quite a bit of dialogue in the movie, even though he is in fact alone the majority of the time. This is because he has conversations with himself while documenting his time alone on Mars. He was in emotional distress, but he kept it as light as possible with some choice expletives and humor.

There was one more reason the movie was so incredible, besides the mind-blowing performance from Matt Damon, the movie felt completely believable. Why did the movie feel so believable? Well, people began to jump on that question pretty quickly and asked the source, NASA.

Here is a video of a response that was given:

This movie was a novel first, written by Andy Weir; published February 11, 2014. I have not read the book, so I have no personal comparison between the book and the movie. However, my mom did, being the librarian that she is, and offered a little insight.

My mom loved the book and had raved about it to me previously. Her response to the movie was just as glowing as mine, saying it was a great representation of the book. She did point out that there were a few items changed, and they had left out a couple parts of the book, but nothing that affected the integrity of the story. She even mentioned that the movie extended a little beyond the end of the book, which gave us a little more closure then the book had.

Want more? Check out this review by Eddie of Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)Film Review – The Martian (2015)

  • And go see the movie. 😉

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