Watched On Netflix: Burying the Ex (2014)

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this movie.

To break it down, it has zombies, and it is quirky, absurd and romantic just as categorized on Netflix – if that sounds appealing you should check this movie out right now.

Don’t expect to be scared, unless crazy girls give you nightmares…

The description reads:

After the domineering girlfriend of a nice guy dies in a freak accident, he finally meets his dream girl, but his dead ex turns life into a nightmare.

Source: Netflix: Burying the Ex

His domineering girlfriend [Evelyn] is an out of control “green” freak, who you will instantly hate. I instantly felt sorry for Max and hoped that someone would kill her. When he meets ‘his dream girl’ [Olivia] you instantly know that she is his soul mate, and love her. Things go all to hell when his ex emerges from the dead and attempts to pick up where they left off in the relationship.

The whole thing was pretty great, but I liked the end the best. I highly recommend everyone watch this movie if you are into quirky horror comedies.

The zombie aspect of it was nicely done. To make it a little more horror there could have been more deaths… however, I thought the way it played out made sense for this movie.

Maybe it’s just me who loved it… I dono, I find that movies like this can be an acquired taste.

Let me know what you think.


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