Sleepy Hollow Had A Return Full of Status Changes and New Comers


We start this new season off 9 months after the deaths of Katrina and Henry, and the exit of [Captain] Irving.

Abbie Mills finally succeeds with becoming an FBI Agent during her time apart from demons and Ichabod Crane. However, she is called home because Crane is stuck in jail after flying home with an ancient tablet full of prophecy.

She may be an FBI Agent now, but she still has a duty as a Witness to fight against the evils with Crane and her sister Jenny.

Suddenly it becomes clear how the crossover with Bones will work out [FBI] – still strange, but in an exciting way.

The dynamic will certainly change with her new role as an agent instead of working at the towns Sheriff department.

We now have a couple new female characters, one I had heard about previously and one that was a surprise.

Betsy Ross [Nikki Reed] appeared as former accomplice in crime and occasional fling of Ichabod, but in a flashback, will she ever appear in present time? In this show, it is not unthinkable to have anyone from the past manage to make it to the present day…I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Pandora [Shannyn Sossamon] and her box. I wondered right from the beginning if her character was Pandora, and it was answered at the conclusion of the episode. If you don’t know the origins of Pandora, I can tell you the basics.

  • According to Greek Mythology Pandora was the first woman on Earth, created by the Gods with clay. Each God bestowed something upon her they deemed of use for her purpose [a punishment to the mankind] and placed it into a ‘box’ – telling her to never open it. Unfortunately, one of the traits that he was given was to be deceitful, stubborn and curious. This became her biggest weakness. She could not resist her curious nature and opened the box. Frightened by the horrible things coming from the box, she closed it as quickly as she could, leaving only hope inside. However, this was Zeus’ plan all along, wanting people to experience suffering with the purpose of making people understand they should never disobey their Gods. In case you were wondering, Pandora holds the meaning “the one who bears all gifts”.

I am excited to see where they take this character, she feels like an exciting new challenge for them.

They also did it again with the beautiful demons. I have been impressed since demon #1, and they are continuing to do great work of their demonic creatures!


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