Bones Returns with Some Tragic Realizations


After a 6-month time jump, we start the episode off with a nice scene of Temperance and Seeley home with their [now] two young children. Everything seems happy, but you instantly notice that there is something going on behind Seeley’s eyes that you can’t quite place. It’s clear that something isn’t quite right, and then when he says goodbye to them before walking out the door it felt too real.

I guess if anything were going to bring them all back together, it would have to be some tragic event.

It was clear from the beginning that they all never felt whole after the parting of ways.

Knowing that Seeley Booth would return, I just knew right away that from the similar description of the victim it just had to be his brother, Jared.

It didn’t take long to confirm that the remains were in fact Jared Booth.

RIP Jared Booth.

We haven’t heard much about Jared for quite some time, but we all know that Seeley made a habit out of “rescuing” his brother. Therefore, it is only natural to assume that whatever trouble Seeley was into it was due to Jared getting into something he didn’t know a way out of.

Due to Temperance’s firm hand about Seeley not helping his brother out of trouble anymore, it is obvious that would be why he was keeping it secret. Seeley knowing that she would disapprove and likely alert some authority of the situation – if for any reason than to keep her husband safe.

I don’t approve of him putting himself in the middle of all this danger, but it can be understood; once you consider his personality, and keeping it secret out of loyalty and disapproval.

It is bad enough we had to see the whole team suffer with the possibility that [Seeley] Booth is dead. Even with the remains being his brother and not him, they are still reeling with the possibility of his demise, because they know he is wounded, severely.

I hope this is resolved soon.

I hate the I.A. Agent, she is keeping secrets and tarnishing Booths name every chance she gets.

Even when he does come back, there will be severe repercussions from the whole ordeal. Personally and professionally.

This has been a bleak start to the season.


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