Quantico Had a Deliciously Mysterious Opening


Wow! That was much better than I was expecting it to be.

If you enjoy crime shows and mysteries, you should check this show out.

I was debating back and forth, as to whether I wanted to watch this show since I first heard about it months ago; I obviously decided to give it a shot.

I am impressed with the pilot, and I hope the rest of the show holds up. They seemed to have done a good job casting an array of characters.

I think they are making good use of the present day terrorist investigation paired with looking back at the academy.

Priyanka Chopra [Alex Parrish] is fabulous. She was part of the reason I finally decided to watch the show – and she most definitely did not let me down.


I’m actually suspicious of a few different people [basically everyone] based off the pilot episode.

Lineup of recruits at academy (ABC)
  • The Muslim women [Nimah Amin], who surprised us by somehow having a twin on the inside with her – I mean, come on how is that not suspicious. Not to mention her changing clothes and switching cars at the gas station before she arrived at the academy…
  • Liam O’Conner is also suspicious to me, he clearly has something going on secretly, which I am thinking has to do with Alex’s father in some way. Having Ryan Booth set up as a spy against Alex is very sketchy.
  •  I also have a weird feeling about Shelby Wyatt, [seemingly] honorable reasoning behind wanting to be there, but also harboring a lot of anger.
  • Simon Asher looks like he will end up a friend instead of foe, but pretending he has a boyfriend with a fake picture was weird…so I will stay suspicious of him for now.

The suicide in the interrogation exercise was a big surprise; I was shocked.

It is weird how sure they seem to be about Alex’s guilt, and I can’t wait to see this mystery unfold. Other than people (or person) working to frame her, could it have something to do with her father..?

Miranda Shaw popping up to help Alex, advising her she needs to run and figure out who is framing her, because if she actually goes to the prison she will be killed. This is an interesting turn to the story considering where we saw her [Shaw] character beforehand.

I can’t wait to find out more next week!


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