Once Upon A Time Season 5 Shaping Up To Be a Dark One

Jennifer Morrison as Dark Emma in Once Upon A Time season 5 (ABC)

The inclusion of King Arthur, Camelot and Merida from Brave have me excited. I really hope that we see Merida a lot more than just the first episode, because I liked her. Not to mention when they showed the preview for next week and they mention Storybrook needing a new savior the first person to pop in my head was Merida! Please tell me I’m not the only one who drew that conclusion.

We start off with Emma as a child sneaking into a movie and stealing a candy bar from a women’s pocket, when suddenly a mysterious man appears to her telling her to be careful, when she has the opportunity to take Excalibur, don’t.

We then cut to King Arthur on his way to the sword. When King Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and it had the tip missing I was like, “hum that was uneventful”, but zooming in on The Dark One’s Dagger totally blew my mind. Perfect! The dagger that has been creating and controlling the darkest magic is part of Excalibur! What a great idea! I love this twist.

Boom! What the mysterious man [Merlin] in the theatre was referring to was the dagger, not the entire sword in the stone…I just have a feeling that it was never meant to be dark, and that somehow it will end up becoming a beacon for good magic by the end of this. That’s typically how things work out, right.

The only way to get to Emma is of course, Zelena. I loved her character at the beginning, but now I am tired of her. Also Zelena being pregnant with Robin Hood’s child is still a storyline I don’t like, but whatever.

Everyone makes it to the Enchanted Forest, and meet up with King Arthur. Only to then suddenly skip over 6 weeks and end up back in Storybrook – with a completely dark Emma.

Side note: poor sneezy!

Clearly, the season will be piecing together the 6 missing weeks, and figuring out how to fix the darkness within Emma.

Merida in Once Upon A Time (ABC)

Who will be the new savior? I’m crossing my fingers for the savor to be Merida.

Is anyone tired of the missing time stories? I would be, but it really does feel so fairy tale that it isn’t bothering me.

I’m just happy to have moved on from the villain season, that was my least favorite.

I’m very interested to see how this story plays out!


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