I Just Rented Pitch Perfect 2, and I Loved It.

Photo from Film Fad

I have been waiting for this movie to become available to rent, basically since I heard it was coming out in the theatre. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go see it in the theatre, so I have been patiently waiting, and happy I had the money to rent it when it became available.

So I waited for the perfect time, when I didn’t have anything pressing that needed to be done and when I was alone (sans bf) to fully enjoy the greatness I am about to consume.

Well, that perfect time was now, today, the boyfriend went out to meet some friends, and I didn’t have any homework that needed to be worked on this afternoon.

I hit the purchase rental button, went to the corner store for some snacks and a soda…I’m ready.

My impressions;

pretty much if you liked the first one, but you haven’t seen the second one, go see the second one. It wasn’t exactly like the first one, but still pretty great – especially when it comes to the singing.

The new original song they used was fantastic [Flashlight], not as catchy as the “cups” [“When I’m Gone”] song, but like I said fantastic.

I have some nitpicky thoughts about the story line in this second movie, but nothing that is relevant (in my opinion) to how good the movie was overall.

Now, the beginning with the “incident” concerning Fat Amy, was insane, but I can appreciate the ‘down under’ humor after the fact. The incident itself was a pretty disturbing thought though, and no it’s not because she is an overweight girl, that would have been horrible no matter who it happened to – I mean could you imagine.

The part with the random rich guy who loves a capella groups and invited all the groups in the area to a riff off, was a little creepy and felt out of place. However, the singing football players [Green Bay Packers] was pretty awesome.

You can tell that they have a lot of fun making these movies and I think that is part of what makes them so enjoyable, besides the actual singing, which would be awesome regardless.

I could watch Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 several times over and still enjoy them.

I can’t wait to see what they plan to do with the third movie!


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