Heroes Reborn’s Exciting Premiere

Heroes Reborn image


All right the first thing I have to say about this is that I love seeing Zachary Levi as a bad guy [Luke Collins]. Except is he really a bad guy? I saw glimpses of a good heart and sympathy with some of his hesitations… You can’t tell me that no one else noticed that.

Either way he was right, this role is a complete other side of the coin from Chuck – or anything else Zach has ever done. If I could crush on him any harder, I would be right now.

It genuinely feels like his wife, Joanne, is the most bloodthirsty and he is going along with the killing spree out of guilt because he [Luke] feels responsible for what happened to their son.

I think that his wife is completely crazy and he shouldn’t go along with this any farther. I mean seriously, how can you be so willing to kill a kid [Tommy Clarke]? If killing people in general out of revenge for things they can’t control wasn’t bad enough, killing kids is so far over the line he [Luke] should be shooting her [Joanne].

I am loving the team up of Noah Bennet and newcomer Quentin Frady. They are two very different people, which makes for an interesting combination and enjoyable interactions. I think that the girl he is looking for is the one we saw in Alaska, or wherever that was, but I don’t know. If that’s true then it looks like she has already started ‘helping’ stop whatever it is that’s coming.

I like that they kept with the crossover between the U.S. and Japan as they did in the original show, and the characters in Japan are very different, but still one is an average human [Ren] and one is “evolved” [Miko]. The way they integrated a video game into a power was very cool. Miko [Kiki Sukezane] transporting in and out of a game with a sword as the key in order to save her father who is trapped inside of the game world… way cool guys.

However, I’m pretty sad that he Haitian died. It’s always possible he didn’t die, but they implied it – I guess we’ll find out soon enough especially since they have him credited for more, but that could be flashbacks. They do seem to have a replacement character though, the man with the pennies.

The one thing I kept wondering about is: How could Claire be dead? I mean seriously, how would that even be possible, unless someone beheaded her maybe. But if I remember correctly you can’t really kill her, so unless you left something lodged in her spinal cord or took her whole head off, she can always come back…So how exactly are they going to explain that? She must just be hiding out…because dead? That just doesn’t roll with me.

I know she can’t be in the show because of her other TV obligations, and maybe she didn’t want to, but I can’t accept the dead angle.

Also, Molly! Wow, I wouldn’t have pictured her as an adult, but then again I don’t remember how old she was when we saw her last. (I just looked up the original girl, and if the character were close to her age, she would be 18-19 years old)

Overall, I love that they have brought it back. I love things like this and will always welcome a show that includes superpowers, especially ones that remind me of X-Men.

I think the way they set it up makes it easy for people who never watched the original show to enjoy it without being too lost with references, and great for the people that did watch the original show with plenty of tie ins (besides the obvious).

Looking forward to the rest of the show, and what the ‘Evos’ are supposed to be saving the world from!


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