Scream Queens Premiere: My Thoughts

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Pilot-Hell Week

I have found the thing that [I didn’t even know] has been missing in my life!

This show is completely ridiculous, and I love it!

I can’t wait to unravel the mysteries of the Kappa House! All of the darkness clearly started 20 years ago, the [supposed] first cover-up. Nevertheless, was it the baby that was born that night taking on revenge for letting their mother die; or was it someone involved in the cover-up, maybe the father of the baby, or someone that was related to the girl that gave birth? Another question probably on everyone’s mind: was the baby a boy or a girl, and where did he or she end up?

Before the show even premiered, I was crossing my fingers that Ariana Grande [Chanel #2] would be one of the first to be murdered. My wish was granted and I could not be happier!

The whole scene with her death was so beyond ridiculous the whole time I kept thinking, “oh my goodness this is so possible with the kids today.” It made me slightly depressed, but thankfully mostly amused.

The way they react to death (murder, dead bodies) is not normal, and they are all just as desensitized as everyone else is – it’s concerning.

Is this where society is really heading?  Using technology for all communications and serious desensitizing of all things gruesome. It really does feel that way, which made this shows representation of it so much richer.

The only character that seems to have some grip on rational reality is Grace’s dad, Wes [Oliver Hudson], but even he feels like he has secrets. Grace [Skyler Samuels] coming in second to her dad for good heartedness, but having a potential dark past that she isn’t even aware of.

Dean Munsch will only allow Kappa to continue to exist only if they allow everyone to pledge.
Dean Munsch will only allow Kappa to continue to exist only if they allow everyone to pledge.

I love that Jamie Lee Curtis [Dean Cathy Munsch] is a part of this show, and I almost hope she is the killer. I mean, they clearly show that she has a lot to hide, and she is almost as devious as Chanel #1 [Emma Roberts], just with different goals.

I’m not even going to go into Chad [Glen Powell], but I will say WOW that guy has too many issues to count, and could very well be a psycho.

Honestly, there is something a little suspicious about everyone… At this point, I have no solid prediction about who the “Red Devil” could be.

However, if I had to make a guess right now… I would say one of the Chanel’s, or Gigi [Nasim Pedrad] (the weirdo stuck in the 90’s) or a combination of a couple different people. I would say Pete [Diego Boneta], but he feels too easy. Having the Red Devil as the school mascot makes it possible for anyone to have one of those outfits…however, I don’t know if anyone actually said that was the mascot, so if you are wondering where I got that information I heard it in one of those [many] specials before the shows release.

Boone’s [Nick Jonas] false death was actually a big surprise, and now I am questioning everyone’s death – except for Chanel #2 she was laying around dead for too long in that room to be a fake out, but who knows; she is still credited for a couple more episodes. You could also jump to accusing him of being a part of a team with the killer, but I don’t want to jump to that conclusion just yet. This early in the show, anything is possible, so for right now I will just assume that he is friends with the mascot Pete – that might be naive, but whatever.

You might have hated it and thought it was too dumb for words, and that’s your right. However, I love the cast, I love the script, and I love the whole presentation.

This is just the show I didn’t know I was waiting for.

I’m completely hungry for more!

Ryan Murphy is a genius (yet again).

Side note: I can’t wait for the new season of American Horror Story to start.


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