Castle Returns!

castle_season8_posterI’m so excited to have Castle back!

…and Nathan Fillion in general. He is definitely one of my favorites.

There were lots of changes with the new season…and I love every bit of it.

Beckett is now the Captain! And Castle’s adorable celebratory giant cupcake was awesome.

Detective Ryan expecting another baby with his wife Jenny – and freaking about it a little.

Castle is establishing his private agency, with guess who… Alexis! I love it. However, sticking with the relationship we all know and love with the police department.

Castle being his excitable self freaking out about the “secret” room that Alexis made sure was ready for him was one of my favorite moments of the episode.

Speaking of Alexis her new haircut is adorable, and she was looking fabulous the whole episode. I love that she was so involved this episode, and I hope it continues.

Down to the nitty-gritty… the opening episode involving a mystery with Beckett! I was not expecting that. We started out so happy and then the bracelet Beckett just received from Castle gets discovered at a bloody crime scene and Beckett’s missing – Oh No!

Beckett is suddenly full of secrets..? Running around bloody with a mystery man, not calling anyone for assistance. Hmmm…

Bringing [Senator] Bracken back into the picture… I guess I was expecting it. The Big Bad villains are never really gone, are they?

Then we also have this mystery English police women.

Ok and I am very happy I saved watching this episode till the morning… Because A BOX FULL OF SPIDERS and a BAG FULL OF SPIDERS OVER THE HEAD!! Thanks for the potential nightmares… my #1 on the nightmare scale is always SPIDERS. (So if you haven’t watched this episode yet, don’t do it before bed)

These bad guys are out of control.

Its only too bad Beckett couldn’t make her appearance before the whole Spider thing.

Talk about a crazy first day as Captain Beckett! How’s this going to play out, and why… I can’t wait to find out.

image: Castle Season 8 poster


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