Doctor Who Premiere

dw-901-10Doctor Who is Back!

‘The Magician’s Apprentice’

Recap and Reaction

First we start the episode off in a war, mixed with a number different technologies – so clearly not an earthly war. Quickly we get focused on a boy… then hand mines!?

What! Hand mines… that was pretty creepy. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better – EYES. Eyes in the palms… Good stuff. Probably my favorite of all creepy weapons.

And, as expected The Doctor makes his appearance.

The Doctor pleads, “What is your name boy, tell me your name”… The boy finally replies, “My name is Davros” – Doctor freezes in shocked surprise.

What!? This must me someone terrible for The Doctor to react in such a way. What’s going to happen!? Will he leave him there, help him… kill him!?

We then cut to a Snake man [literally a man made from several snakes] searching all of space looking for The Doctor in order to convey a message from his leader… Davros. The Leader/creator of the Daleks!

I mean seriously, good job with special effects makeup department. Completely believable spirals… I really thought his face was coiled up like a snake.

We then get cut to Clara. Frozen planes in the sky.

Frozen planes… what the hell?

Clara busts into U.N.I.T.

Like a boss… I mean I was liking her a lot in that moment.

Coming onto the screen the text reading, “Hey missy you’re so fine… you’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey… MISSY

And Missy makes her gracious return!

Honestly, I was happy to see Missy. I mean, it only makes sense that she would show up when The Doctor has gone missing. What fun could she have if The Doctor isn’t around…? Still being her evil self she made sure to vaporize a couple security guards. Who doesn’t love a good villain?

Clara and U.N.I.T. help Missy track The Doctor down to his current point in history. Making the deduction that he would be somewhere making lots of ‘noise’ where there is no crisis – leading them strait to one place in history. Missy quickly transports herself and Clara to his location.

Clara and Missy arrive to find The Doctor making a spectacle with an electric guitar and tank.

dw-901-21First of all, since when did The Doctor so freely mess with history? He even just left the guitar and tank there… What sense does that make for The Doctor that we’ve come accustom to. He’s usually so careful about messing with history.

Also, The Doctor basically rocked the hell out of that scene. It was awesome, and if you were thinking that it looked like The Doctor, aka Peter Capaldi, knew what he was doing with that guitar… you would be correct. Peter Capaldi used to play guitar and lead vocals in a band called Dreamboys in the 1980’s.

The Snake man makes an appearance after following The Doctors ‘friends’. Soon after the Snake confrontation all three (The Doctor, Clara, and Missy) go with the Snake man to speak with his arch enemy – Leader of the Daleks. The Doctor wanted to go out of shame, and the others loyalty to The Doctor.

While the doctor speaks with Davros, Clara and missy go exploring. The curious pair quickly discover they are in fact not on a ship, but a planet. The planet of the Daleks.


When Missy and Clara see that the Daleks have the Tardis, and that they are ready to destroy it, Missy steps in and attempts to convince them to let her lead them with it into more destruction.

Of course, she is still a horrible ‘Time Lady’ villain. So I’m not sure if we should’ve expected anything different. However, at the same time it kind of felt like she “had a plan” to get the Tardis out of there reach, but I’m not sure… I’m conflicted at the thought.

However, that backfires and the Daleks decide to destroy them and the Tardis anyhow.

There is a flash of light.

Next we see the doctor return to the beginning, with the boy [Davros] in the field of hand mines, but this time in front of the boy. Aims his sonic screwdriver at him and says “exterminate” – BLAM then we have to suffer the dreaded TO BE CONTINUED…

TO BE CONTINUED… Gaahhh. For real. They should have given us both episodes last night… Would The Doctor actually kill a boy before he even becomes the source of all evil? What if he just saves the boy? Couldn’t that change everything just as much as killing him? If he save the boy he could very well never make the Daleks either…or would someone else make some version of them anyway and things would basically turn out the same. Matters of time and space are so…complicated.

Picture: “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar” gallery


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