Unfriended (2015) Review


Unfriended (2015) movie still.

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, but I didn’t hate it.

If you don’t like to read your movies, and need a constant change of scenery, then this movie is definitely not for you.

You are basically looking at the same image the entire movie, with several parts that you have to read or you will have no idea what’s going on. Due to this being a movie you have to look at, you may get lost if you leave the room or look away for any length of time. With that said, if you have a short attention span and/or lack of patience when it comes to movies, this movie is also not for you.

Being a fan of the horror genre [bloody or not], I found the brief, but just graphic enough, death scenes very well done. The only thing that might have made them better would be if they switched to a camera in the room verses continuing to view as the poor webcam image. However, the poor webcam image could have added to their beauty – I couldn’t truly say unless I saw it both ways I guess.

It was an interesting way to do a movie, and I can understand why it was done. Cyber bullying is a hot button issue, and I guess bringing it to this medium could be effective – if not feel very real to some.

It didn’t not have me by the edge of my seat by any means, but I still think it’s worth a view. It’s not terrible, but I have no intention of purchasing it.

If anything, this movie was a dramatic cautionary tale about bullying.

Preview image: Unfriended movie poster


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