The Mindy Project is Back

Mindy is back and filled with all her regular deliciousness, thanks to Hulu.

Granted The Mindy Project was officially back on Tuesday, I was in no rush to watch it; I knew it wasn’t going anywhere it’s on Hulu!

First off, let talk about this once a week business… Why is it that other shows get a full season release for subscribers and once a week for non-subscribers, but this show is once a week for all. I was disappointed that I couldn’t sit a binge the entire fourth season. I was really looking forward to spending a whole day with Mindy this week, but nope I have been binge blocked. Another reason I wanted to get the chance to binge it is that I am getting rid of Hulu at the beginning of next week. Why Hulu, why did you do this to me [us]!

Anyhow, let me say that the season four premiere was pretty great, and not at all what I was expecting.

Who would’ve guessed that It’s a Wonderful Life would appear in a storyline before it was Christmas season, not me. It was fun, and not to mention – Joseph Gordon Levitt!

I mean I knew he had been cast in the show for something, but that was fantastic. I love that man.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure how I was surprised by this storyline, I mean this show has always been a little strange [in the best of ways].

Can I just mention again, how great it was to have Joseph Gordon Levitt as Mindy’s husband, even if it was for one small creepy moment?

Then in the reality world where Mindy’s parents wanted to arrange a marriage for her! What! However, at the same time I think that Mindy would have ended up going with it, at least for a while, if her baby daddy [Danny] didn’t buck-up.

Speaking of her arranged marriage, it would have been somewhat awesome to get more Kunal Nayyar [The Big Bang Theory] in the show. How fun would it have been to watch more of Danny squirm around.

In the end, it all worked out – of course.

Overall, I think the premiere was great; I enjoyed every part of it.

I just wish I could watch a dozen more right now, but what can you do.

See you next week Mindy.

Picture: The Mindy Project


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