Kid Shows Just for Kids? …Never.

I am an adult [in theory] however; I have no shame in saying that I still love kids’ shows. They are not the same as they were when I was actually a kid, but there are still some entertaining ones out there.

Have I been using my brain a lot lately? Alternatively, do I just want some simple entertainment? When the answer is yes, I dive right into some kid shows.

Just tonight, I enjoyed a couple of hours’ worth of simple kid entertainment via the Disney Channel.

Is it wrong to get some genuine laughs from something meant for tweens? Absolutely not – at least if you ask me.

The two programs that I enjoyed tonight [there were four, but the other two were meh] were Girl Meets World and Dog with a Blog.

Girl Meets World is surprisingly enjoyable, right from the start. I think the extensive tie ins of the original [Boy Meets World] is what makes it the most appealing. Honestly, the character they created to be Corey and Topanga’s daughter is annoying, and I would be totally fine if it turned into ‘Maya Meets World’. Don’t get me wrong Riley isn’t always horrible, but a good portion of the time I want to smack her… Fortunately, in the episode that aired tonight, she wasn’t terrible, and I didn’t get the urge to smack her. This could be because she wasn’t as centralized as normal. Tonight’s super nostalgic episode was very sweet, and it made me want to watch Boy Meets World.

Come on Netflix; put Boy Meets World on streaming so I can waste away for a couple weeks re-watching it.

Something that has been on my mind: why did they ever attempt to put Riley with Lucas? I noticed the chemistry between Lucas and Maya right from the beginning, and it only got stronger. I’m relieved that they are slowing going in that direction now.

On to Dog with a Blog, I can’t explain this one. I always get some genuine laughs from watching this show. Honestly, usually the parents get me – tonight they killed me I couldn’t help laughing. The talking dog thing is silly, but I like it, part of the reason I watch in the first place was to see how silly it was – and then I kept watching.

Something I’m not a fan of – the puppies. What are they going to do about those puppies? I don’t think they were necessary. Ok, mostly I think them “talking” was unnecessary.

For next week, they are making it look like the parents are going to find out he talks, again. I don’t think I can believe it, because they dangled that in our face once before. I actually want them to find out.

No this is not a guilty pleasure; I don’t feel any guilt about it.

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