Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman Leaving

It’s official! Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who at some point during the upcoming season [9].
The how and why leading to the ‘Impossible Girl’s’ departure is still a mystery.
I absolutely love this show. I have never watched it during actual airtime, with the exception of the last few episodes of season 8.

Being late on the bandwagon should not speak against me. I don’t think I should get any less credit than anyone else.
Anyway, there has been a lot of speculation that Jenna might be leaving over the past few weeks so this official announcement probably isn’t a surprise to anyone.
My personal feelings about this are a little mixed. I knew it was coming. I mean, she has been a part of the show for quite some time.
She was never my favorite, so I’m not super broken up about it. However, at the same time she had really grown on me…so I’ll miss her a little.
I’m looking forward to meeting a new companion.

Picture: Jenna Coleman


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